Jesus Skeptic

A Journalist Explores the Credibility and Impact of Christianity

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A book by John Dickerson

Can we know if Jesus Actually lived?

How has one figure influenced our world so dramatically?

A respected journalist set out to find the answers – not from opinion but from artifacts. The evidence led him to an unexpected conclusion.



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Did Jesus actually exist?

Can Jesus’ teachings actually provide peace, identity, and fulfillment today? Do Jesus’ teachings block social justice and human progress—or do His teachings further those causes?

Hope of Nations author, John S. Dickerson takes nothing for granted in his latest book, Jesus Skeptic, as he explores whether Jesus actually lived and how his story has changed our world. Using the same style and tools that have won him some of the highest journalism honors in the nation, Dickerson applies a factual, skeptical approach resulting in hundreds of irrefutable facts that are available for anyone.

In these pages we’ll explore how Christianity has impacted and shaped our culture, including how followers of Jesus helped to

  • abolish slavery
  • establish public education
  • found modern hospitals
  • support women’s rights
  • drive racial reconciliation
  • fight for justice and progress

In a generation that wants to make the world a better place, we can discover what humanity’s greatest champions had in common: a Christian faith.

A note from the author:

Jesus Skeptics Are Welcome Here.

If you are a skeptic who does not believe in God, you are safe here.

If you were raised as a Christian but are no longer sure what you believe, you are safe.

If you like Jesus but not the church, this book is a safe place for you.

If you are tired of Christianity being defined by bigots and political parties, you are safe too.

I have been all those things and more. I aim to conclude whether the teachings of Jesus have anything meaningful to offer you, me and to modern progressive society. As a research journalist, I committed to reach conclusions about Him from evidence rather than opinion.

Could this Jesus provide significant answers to the universal quest for security, identity, and purpose?

Could Jesus’s way of life set people on a path of freedom, achievement, peace, and significance?

One out of three people alive today claims to follow Jesus. This easily makes Jesus the most followed person in the history of the world—by a large margin! You don’t have to agree with the politics of so-called Christians to believe in Jesus as the way, the truth and the life. Jesus Skeptic is riddled with primary evidence to compel non-believers, encourage Christians and help you rethink how you witness to others.


John Dickerson is a prize-winning research journalist, a seminary-trained pastor, and a frequent commentator in national news outlets such as USA Today.  Dickerson is the author of Hope of Nations, The Great Evangelical Recession and serves as the lead pastor of Connection Pointe Christian Church in the Indianapolis metro area.

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SKU: X078088-55 Categories: , Product Format: Book, Guest Speaker

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