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If someone were to ask you: “how do you know Jesus actually lived?” or “can we really trust the Bible?”… what would you say?  In this new series, pastor and journalist John Dickerson answers those questions.  Using evidence from multiple, reliable sources, and the well-documented impact of Jesus’ followers throughout history, John builds a credible case for the Christian faith.  Our hope is that this series will help you confidently say: “Jesus is real, the Bible is true…and I can prove it!”

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John Dickerson is a prize-winning research journalist, a seminary-trained pastor, and a frequent commentator in national news outlets such as USA Today.  Dickerson is the author of The Great Evangelical Recession and serves as the lead pastor of Connection Pointe Christian Church in the Indianapolis metro area.

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This four part audio series includes the following message titles:

  • Jesus, You, and Experiential Evidence

If someone asked you: ” how do you know Jesus actually lived?” or “can we really trust the Bible?”… what would you say?  In this message, we begin a new series with guest teacher John Dickerson.  He’s going to unpack the compelling evidence for Christianity, and explain how personal experiences can dramatically change our thoughts about God.

  • Jesus, You, and Heathcare

Have you ever noticed that some of history’s most notable scientists, doctors, and educators shared a common conviction?  Or that the most prestigious hospitals and colleges were founded around a central belief?  In this message, guest teacher John Dickerson, uncovers the shared truth, that drove these men and women to the greatness we know them by now.

  • Jesus, You, and the Fight for Human Rights

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness.  Only light can do that.”  In this message, guest teacher John Dickerson looks at the ways authentic followers of Jesus have gouth for human rights throughout history… and how the equality we enjoy today is a product of their convictions.

  • Jesus and Freedom for the People You Love

Many parents today are deeply concerned about the hostile world their kids are growing up in.  In this message, our guest teacher John Dickerson shares the ways parents can set their children up to make wise choices, good friends, and avoid the prevalent problems all around us.  Don’t miss why it’s so important we get back to our faith-based roots.


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SKU: DA78088-CP Categories: , Product Format: Guest Speaker, MP3

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