Why I Believe

Straight Answers to Honest Questions About God, the Bible & Christianity

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Are you prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks you about your Christian faith? In this MP3 download of Chip Ingram’s series, Why I Believe, he explores the facts surrounding our Christian faith. Find straight answers to honest questions about God, the Bible, Creation, the Resurrection, and life after death.

This is an MP3 download.

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Scripture calls Christians to “be prepared” to give answers to anyone who asks about the Christian faith. Are you prepared? Or do you feel ill-equipped?

Equipping you and giving you confidence is why pastor and Bible teacher Chip Ingram created this MP3 download of his series, Why I Believe. Gain valuable insights into the foundational tenets of our faith through this series. You will come away with a deeper understanding of why you believe what you believe.

The facts of the resurrection, the reliability of the Bible, and the evidence for creation – all have solid proofs that you, your children, your grandchildren, and your friends can understand and share with anyone seeking hope.

This six part MP3 download includes the following messages:

  • Rethinking Apologetics for the 21st Century
  • Why I Believe in the Resurrection
  • Why I Believe in the Bible
  • Why I Believe in Life After Death
  • Why I Believe in Creation
  • Why I Believe in the God of the Bible

There are message notes that go along with Chip’s Why I Believe messages. You can download those here.


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SKU: DA33740-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3

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