Becoming an Effective Disciple Maker

A Study of 2nd Timothy

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With all the hatred and misconceptions pointed at Christianity nowadays, it’s really difficult to be a genuine follower of Jesus.  In this series, Chip’s going to encourage us that now, more than ever, we can’t just settle for saying we’re a Christian… we have to live like one too. Chip will help us practice that as he highlights four compelling challenges from the Apostle Paul’s final letter to Timothy.  Join us as we learn how to live more God-honoring lives and better disciple others along the way.

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This four part audio series includes the following message titles:

  • Be Bold – Don’t Be Ashamed (2 Timothy 1)

Have you ever been embarrassed or scared to say you’re a Christian?  Do you struggle to be a bold follower of Jesus?  In this message, Chip offers us some encouragement as he begins his series.  Join us as we study the book of 2nd Timothy, and learn how we can boldly stand for Jesus – no matter what!

  • Be Strong – Don’t Be Distracted (2 Timothy 2)

Do you struggle to consistently walk with God amidst all the pressures and distractions of everyday life?  In this message, Ship’s in 2nd Timothy chapter 2.  Hear how we can build strong spiritual roots, and take intentional steps to refocus every part of our lives on God.

  • Be Prepared – Don’t Be Surprised (2 Timothy 3)

Have you ever been blindsided by an unexpected diagnosis, a sudden end of a relationship, or a shocking betrayal?  Or maybe you’re anxiously waiting for the bottom to fall out of your life?  In this message, Chip talks about the control fear and uncertainty has over people’s lives.  Hear what God’s remedy is for this powerful emotion.

  • Be Faithful – Don’t Shrink Back (2 Timothy 4)

Have you ever thought about what it will be like to stand before God, and have every part of your life evaluated?  Does that make you wish you were spiritually stronger or had more courage to talk about Jesus? In this message, Chip will help us get a new perspective. Learn how Apostle Paul’s final words can give us the hope and direction we need.


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SKU: DA16266-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3

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