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The B.I.O. Lifestyle

3 Essential Practices to Becoming a Romans 12 Disciple

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Do you feel spiritually stuck right now – like a stalled-out car on the side of the road? You want to be more connected to Jesus, but you feel weighed down by all the dos and don’ts of the Christian life. In this series, The B.I.O. Lifestyle, Chip and our Executive Vice President, Andrew Accardy, will offer some help. Join them as they use the word bio as an acronym to breakdown and describe the simple practices that can deepen any believer’s walk with Jesus. Learn what it means to come before God, get in community, and be on mission 24/7.

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This three part audio series includes the following messages:

  • Coming Before God Daily

Are you spiritually stuck right now? You are desperate to be more connected to God but unsure how to get started. In this program, we begin our series, The B.I.O. Lifestyle: 3 Essential Practices to Becoming a Romans 12 Disciple. Join Chip and our Executive Vice President Andrew Accardy, as they walk through a simple acronym modeled for us by Jesus, that leads to a deeper relationship with God and more authentic relationships with others.

  • Doing Life in Community Weekly

Asa you go about your Christian life, do you sense something is not working? You are at church most Sundays and active in your small group, but somehow you still feel alone.  In this message, you’ll learn what’s missing as we continue our series, The B.I.O. Lifestyle.  Discover – with Chip and Andrew – as they define what godly community looks like and why it is better than any other social group you are involved in.

  • Being on Mission 24/7

Does your Christian life often seem like a long list of dos and don’ts? Well, in this message, Chip will tell us why that is not the life Jesus desires for us to have.  As he wraps up the series, Chip and Andrew talk about how followers of Jesus can be ‘on mission 24/7’.  Hear how discovering your purpose can take you on a supernatural adventure with your Lord and Savior.




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SKU: DA16402-CP Categories: , Product Format: Guest Speaker, MP3