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Gods at War

Defeating the Idols that Battle for Your Heart

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When you hear the word idol…you probably picture those big stone figures that people worshiped centuries ago.  But did you know that – while most people don’t bow down to man-made statues anymore – we all worship something?  In this series, our guest teacher Kyle Idleman reveals the subtle nature of idolatry and just how rampant it is in our lives – oftentimes without us even realizing it! He unpacks the ways we’ve put money, pleasure, achievements, careers…even our families, in place of God… And how we’ve allowed those false gods to satisfy, control and define us.  Stay with us, as Kyle exposes the idols we’re holding on to… and challenges us to take radical steps to get back to worshiping the one true God.


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This six part audio series includes the following message titles:

  • The Issue of Idolatry

Martin Luther once said, “Whatever your heart clings to and confides in, that is really your God.” In this message, we begin a new series called “Gods at War” taught by guest teacher Kyle Idelman.  He’s gonna define what idolatry looks like in the 21st century, and challenge us to consider who and what we’re really worshiping.

  • What Are You Worshiping?

What in your life are you really really passionate about… maybe even a bit obsessed with? In this message, Kyle asks: what are you truly worshiping? And reveals how we’ve allowed people, activities, or aspirations to replace God.  Don’t miss how you can put God back in His rightful place!

  • Gods of Pleasure

Let’s face it, we all struggle with sin. But what if those pesky, reoccurring issues…are only the tip of the iceberg? Kyle suggests that our sin is actually rooted in something much more serious… a deeper problem that threatens to destroy our relationship with God.  Discover how you can find real, lasting victory over that reoccurring sin in your life!

  • Gods of Success

Did you know there’s over a thousand verses throughout the Bible focused on one subject? In this message, guest teacher Kyle Idleman reveals this important issue and how it may be wrecking our entire lives.

  • Gods of Love

Even the most committed Christian can be blinded to what they’re truly worshiping. In this message, Kyle addresses the idol of love and what happens when we love someone so much, they replace God.  Don’t miss the ways we’ve mistakenly made those important people in your lives… thee most important thing.

  • How to Stop Worshiping Idols

Do you wish after hearing a great sermon, you could ask the speaker how to apply it specifically to your life? In this message, Chip sits down with Kyle Idleman… to dive deeper into the series “Gods at War.” They share how we can practically destroy the idols in our hears, and get back to worshiping the one true God.



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SKU: DA53348-CP Categories: , Product Format: Guest Speaker, MP3