What Now? What Next?

Making Disciples in a Disrupted World

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In the day-to-day reality of increasing upheaval and discord, how are Christians to think and behave? How do we anchor our conversations and attitudes when everything in us wants to either retreat or lash out in anger? In this new series, Chip provides a biblical path to allowing Christ to reign in us and work through us no matter what’s going on.


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This six part audio series includes the following message titles:

  • Christ Not Causes

It’s not too far-fetched to say we’re living in one of the most disruptive times in history, causing many to ask what do we do now?  In this message, Chip kicks off this series by emphasizing our need to be united in one spirit.  Too often we as Christians let personal beliefs divide us.  Chip urges us to lay aside those issues and focus on loving Jesus together.

  • Healing Not Hostility

Who’s that person in your life that you disagree with on everything? It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about, you’re always at odds.  In this message, Chip focuses on how our fears in seasons of turmoil, can become toxic.  Don’t miss how we can properly deal with this emotion, avoid hostility, and pursue healthy relationships.

  • Relationships Not Real Estate

During this season of separation, distancing and seclusion, many are struggling with isolation and loneliness.  In this message, Chip emphasizes our need for community, and more specifically – authentic relationships.

  • Innovation Not Indignation

Are you mad at what’s going on in our world right now? Is it possible to be both good and mad? In this message, Chip examines how Jesus responded to hostility and warns us to keep our moral convictions, from turning into hatred towards specific people. Don’t miss the ways we can be angry, in the right way, for the right purpose, to bring about God’s absolute best.

  • Substance Not Success

It’s been said that, “Every dark cloud, has a silver lining” meaning there’s always something good that’s revealed in the worst of times. In this program, Chip highlights 4 ways God is using this major disruption.

  • Trust Not Technology

What does it look like to trust God, even in the midst of life’s most challenging times? In this message, Chip answers that question as he wraps up his series. He shares his journey of ministering to pastors throughout the pandemic and highlights ways the Gospel continues to transform hearts all around the world.



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SKU: DA34327-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3